G2 audio engine and router frame

G2-front_668 provided by Forward Tech US - authorized distributor for Klotz Communications
G2-back_668 provided by Forward Tech US - authorized distributor for Klotz Communications


The G2 audio engine is a router, mixer and signal processor (EQ, Gain, Delay), built all into one unit.  It is housed in a metal, German-designed frame, with hot-swappable cards, and redundant power supplies.  It is fanless and silent in operation.

A key feature- it can operate without a console, and be controlled by third-party products, such as the Grass Valley Ignite television system.  This saves valuable control room space & unnecessary cost.

Of course we offer Smart Radio consoles such as the DC3 and award-winning Touchstone controller.

For details on the DC3 console, Touchstone controller and related products visit www.klotzcommunications.com.

We are also the most fully integrated audio console available for the Grass Valley Ignite television studio automation system.  Configure your G2 aux outputs and IFB settings, directly on the Ignite user interface!

How much can a single engine handle?  Check out spec's below.  for larger installations, multiple frames can be tied and controlled together with the Broadcast Productivity Suite.

The G2 audio engine hosts a DSP farm powerful enough for 32 equalizers, 32 dynamics, up to 256 mixing channels and a 64 x 64 mix minus matrix. 21 plug-in positions can be equipped with analogue and digital interface cards, fiber optic transceivers and MADI cards. Audio-over-IP interface cards for DANTE-protocol (trademark registered for Audinate Pty Ltd) and Ethernet AVB will be available shortly.

G2 audio engines and router frames as well as G2 audio interface cards can be controlled by either Graphite Two, Integra or TouchStone consoles and can also be used in combination with existing VADIS* based installations.


G2 interface cards:

Audio Input Cards
DX 300 DIGX 4MIC 4 ch - mic preamp with 24 bit A/D converters
DX 600 DIGX 8AD 8 ch - A/D card 24 bit
DX 700 DIGX 8AESIN 8 ch. AES/EBU input card with SRC, 75/110 Ohm switchable


Audio Output Cards
DX 650 DIGX 8DA 8 ch - D/A 24bit
DX 750 DIGX 8 AESOUT 8 ch. AES/EBU output card, 75/110 Ohm switchable


Signal Processing Cards
DX 960 DIGX DSP DSP card (Mixing, Gain, Levelmeter, EQ, Dyn)


Audio Network Cards
DX 100 DIGX FIO1 64 Ch - Fiber-IO card (multimode) with one TransCeiver (RxTx)
DX 100/2 DIGX FIO2 DX 100 with two parallel Transceivers
DX 100/3 DIGX FIO3 DX 100 with two parallel Transceivers and two additional FIO TX
DX 200 DIGX MADIFIO1 64 Ch - MADI Fiber-IO card with one TransCeiver (RxTx) w.o. sync.
DX 200/2 DIGXMADIFIO2 DX 200/1 with two parallel Transceivers
DX 200/3 DIGX MADIFIO3 DX 200/1 with two parallel Transceivers and two additional FIO TX


* VADIS is a trademark of Qphonics AG and is registered in Germany


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